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The company is born out of a deep rooted dream of many years. We have always believed we will succeed by remaining true to our core principles. The launch of a new business is quite daunting for anybody, but was more so for the two of us, who have minimal experience as entrepreneurs. Our perseverance and commitment to quality have helped us succeed. However, we couldn’t have made it this far without the support and guidance of many dedicated, caring individuals representing the following organizations, as well as our family and friends. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all.

Our utmost thanks go to the team at the MSU Product Center. They have guided us through countless questions and consultations, and our product launch, in such a short time, would not be a reality without their expertise and patience.

We also thank the Ann Arbor SCORE team for their help and support.

The AIF NOCK has been a food entrepreneur’s dream come true. We owe our success to the state-of-the-art kitchen at the NOCK and the expert guidance and direction of its team.

We thank the Non GMO project

for working with our company in ensuring the successful verification of all our

products despite their esoteric ingredients, including asafoetida.

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